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Day 1- Around the Alps Tour 2016- Munich

Day 1 of what I will call- "Around the Alps Tour 2016" This is really a combined post, half day when we arrived and then our first traveling day.

Zurich was very cloudy and rainy. We saw a lot but didn't get much in the way of photos because of the rain. Since we will be ending our trip back here, I hope for better weather then. (Not to kill the suspense, but we did have better weather on the return trip).

First full day- we left Zurich and headed to Munich, Germany. Rained most of the way there. It stopped just as we arrived. We found a small pub to have lunch. Hmmm, brats and beer.

As we were eating the rain began again, and this time very hard. It made it difficult to see much. We did walk around for about an hour before we headed back on the road to Salzburg, Austria.

We spent the night in a small hotel in a small village outside of Salzburg.

Time to get rest.

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