I started life at a young age.

I have always been a visual person.  I remember things better based on how I saw them.  I guess it’s not surprising that I would have a career in something visual.  I have been a photographer for 35 years.  The highlights are many, but the key ones dearest to me, are:

•  Served in United States NAVY as a photographer for 5 years. (PH2, E-5)

• Photographed President George H. Bush’s Inauguration.  Some of these images would become part of the National Archives.

• Photographed the Summit at the White House between President George H. Bush and President Mikhail Gorbachev
of the Soviet Union.


Over the years, I worked in different areas of the photo field.  I photographed weddings, models, landscapes, concerts, sports, and tabletop.  I have won many awards, both local and National, and have been published in magazines and newspapers.



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