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People often ask how they can use my images for their website or project.
I charge based on the following:

  • Which image (some images have higher rates because of their popularity)

  • Size of image

  • Size of website or size of printing


Contact me for pricing information.  


Common questions asked about image usage licenses.

If I pay for a license, is the image mine to do whatever I want with it?

No.  In the license agreement it is clearly stated how and where you may use the image. For example, you paid to use it on the back page of your website. Now you want to use it as a full-screen image on your home page.  Not the same, not the same price.  You would be breaking Federal Copyright Law.

What is a copyright?


From the time an image is created, it is automatically protected by copyright.  
I have taken the next step in protection by having my images sent to the government to get a Federal Copyright.  This protects my images from theft and misuse. It gives me the right to go to Federal court to sue for image usage without consent or payment.  Court and attorney fees will also be added.
"Innocent infringement" can range from $200 - $30,000.  
"Willful infringement" can range from $1,000 - $150,000.


What is copyright infringement?


Infringement can include any violation of the rights of the owner or creator.  
An example and the most common use of whole or part of an image without consent or payment.  "I didn't know" is not a legal defense.


Who's responsible when infringement occurs?


  • Anyone who published the infringing image, whether they had knowledge or not.

  • The party that infringed of the image usage even if unintentional.

  • If you had your website built by a developer, you are responsible for your website. You can collect from developer but that is your concern, you are still liable for your usage.


If I find the image on the internet or on a Google Image search, is it free to use?


No.  The best advice is: if you can't find the person who created the image and you didn't create it, DON'T use it. Better safe than sorry.  Someone else may have stolen it and used it and now you are taking it from that site. Making both sites legally responsible for copyright infringement.


If I purchase a print, isn't that the same thing?  Why is print price cheaper?


No.  A print is for private viewing.  Even if it is on display, it has a limited use.  An image on the internet has a chance of being seen by a much larger audience.  That is why the same image if sold to a small magazine is less money than being sold to a major magazine. Size of audience matters.


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