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As a former senior product photographer for a national retail chain, I have the experience to provide a high-resolution image at an affordable price with a quick turn-around time.  
Normal delivery time in 3-5 days.


All products are photographed on a pure white background. They will have a natural shadow.  
See example below of Natural shadow vs Cutout. 


Light with shadow
Natural Shadow

1- 4 Images

$50 each

5 -10 Images

$40 each

Light without shadow

11-30 Images

$35 each

31+ Images

$30 each

Included in the basic price:

  • High Resolution Image- 20+MB file  (for print)
  • Low Resolution Image - Web-size file  (for website or email)
  • Basic cleaning of product
  • Photo editing to correct dust and/or minor flaws
  • Royalty free unlimited use license  
    (you may use the images anywhere and however you wish)
  • Emailed or uploaded to Dropbox

NOT included in the basic price:

  • Black backgrounds
  • Oversized items
  • Shadow removal
    (Remove all shadows so item is cut out on white, $5 per image) 
  • Illuminated lights or displays
  • Adding or deleting something to/from the image
    (see Photoshop retouching service)
  • Group arrangements
  • Reflective products  (opaque glassware, polished metal, etc)
  • Transparent products
  • Focus stacking (+$35)
  • Photoshop retouching  ($60 per hour, 15 minute minimum, $15)
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