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Day 5 & 6- Around the Alps Tour 2016- Venice

Day 5 was spent driving from Budapest to Venice. It is about a 7 hour drive. We drove through the country of Slovenia. It was beautiful. The only problem was there was no place to pull over to take photos. We would come out of a tunnel and see a great view of a small village on the hillside or along the water and then right back into a tunnel.

One great spot was Maribor. Google images for this city. Wish we had gone into the city instead of just passing on the highway.

Day 5 ended with us arriving in Venice at night. In the morning we will get to see the city.

Day 6. Venice If you have never been to Venice, go. Once you go there is no reason to go back. Yes it is beautiful and I love all the old buildings but thanks to the cruise ships there was way TOO many people walking in the small side-streets. And way too many tourist stores and not enough real Venice stores.

People seemed nice when you asked for directions, but you can tell they also seemed tired of doing this everyday with a new crowd of visitors. Also, even if you ask them a question, 2 or 3 times, be prepared for a different outcome.

A gondola gondolier, that is what they are called, asked if we would like a ride. We asked how much. $8 EUR. We asked, "For each?" "No, for all 3 of you. 30 minutes for $8 EUR." $8 EUR is about $10 USD. We said "SURE!" After a very nice ride we went to pay him. I gave him a $10 EUR and he looked at it, turned it over, looked at it and said, " It was $80 EUR". We weren't happy but we paid. I had since Googled "venice italy gondola ride price" and it does say the city sets the price, 40 minutes for $80 EUR.

So I don't feel so bad. But I do wonder how many times a day people have this happen to them.

We will end today sleeping in Milan.

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