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Day 7- Around the Alps Tour 2016- Milan

Morning in Milan, Italy and night in Zurich, Switzerland.

We start the day off with Sunday mass at the Duomo di Milano, or as it is also called, Milan Cathedral, the cathedral church of Milan. Very impressive. Info on the church says it took 600 years to build.

We walked around the Piazza del Duomo, the main piazza of Milan. LOTS of people gathering to sight-see and take selfies.

We left Milan and headed to Geneva, Switzerland. On the way we stopped at Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva. Very cool castle and a very nice little city. I could see making this my (our) summer home.

Then off to see another castle. The Castle of Gruyères, located in the medieval town of Gruyères, Fribourg. Night was coming quick see we had to walk and sight-see fast. This was a very cool castle with a small village attached. I’m sure in winter it would be wonderful, and cold.

Off to Zurich to meet family and sleep.

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