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Day 4- Around the Alps Tour 2016- Budapest

We arrived around noon coming from Vienna to Budapest. It is a beautiful city. So much to see. More than the day we scheduled for it. We took the city tour bus. This gave us the best way to city all the city in the time available.

Our hotel was one of the biggest surprises. When I booked it, I based it $, location and feedback. Little did I know it was a national landmark. We stayed at the Gellert. When we arrived we were told they had upgraded us. Now, I have been told I have been upgraded which really meant an extra pillow or soaps, but this was different.

Our room was huge. It was a true suite. 1 1/2 baths, bedroom, changing room, and living room. It had 3 balconies over looking the Danube River. Great hotel. If you ever go to Budapest, stay at the Gellert. Tell them Joe sent you.

One of the weird funny things that we experienced, we stopped in the middle of nowhere to get gas and grab lunch. When we walked in Joe Cocker's- "Leave your hat on" was playing over the sound system. "Footloose" followed. It was cool that I could sing along with these local tunes.

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